Nervous or worried about dental treatment?


"...a great practice, friendly staff, make even very nervous patients feel relaxed." B. Holmes


"I like coming to 20/20 because they know I'm nervous and they take that into consideration." Karen Weir


"I would definitely recommend the practice, especially for anyone nervous about visiting the dentist." Wendy Walder


Our experience in treating anxious or phobic patients means we fully understand what a big step coming to the dentist can be for many. You'll never be rushed or pushed into a decision at the 20/20 Dental Practice. You'll always be made to feel very welcome, and in control at all times.

Being nervous or scared about going to the dentist affects people in different ways. Some are anxious about specific aspects of dental treatment. Others dislike being in such close contact with someone that they don't know very well.

Some people have had unpleasant experiences as children, and are frightened that these will be repeated. There are also different levels of dental anxiety, ranging from slight nervousness to phobia. However anxious a person is, there are ways of dealing with the problem, one step at a time. Dentists are aware that some patients are anxious, and are trained to take your fears seriously and deal with them sensitively.