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Worried about having a dental bridge? Patient Testimonial

Posted by Ronel Van Der Spuy on Apr 7, 2016 6:33:28 PM

To ease your mind read about a patient's experience.

Why did you have the treatment?DENTAL BRIDGE.jpg
Cosmetic reasons, the old bridge didn't match the shape and colour of my natural teeth.

Would you recommend the treatment to others?
When looking into getting my permanent bridge replaced, I was very nervous as my previous dentist did not do a very good job of matching the colouring, shape and size to my natural teeth, and as a result I spent many years very self-conscious about my smile. Speaking to Dr Hughes he went through all my options, material choices and told me exactly what is achievable with the new bridge. I even got the opportunity to go to the laboratory that would be making the bridge over the road from the surgery. They were equally passionate about what could be achieved and gave me the reassurance that I was going to get the smile I wanted. I went ahead with the procedure and I'm VERY pleased with the end result and quite literally haven’t stopped smiling since. If you are considering any form of crown/bridge or cosmetic work of this nature I can highly recommend Dr Hughes and his surgery. Jonathan

This patient's testimonial is after the patient had his old dental bridge replaced.


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