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Tips to protect to your child's teeth this Halloween

Posted by Ronel Van Der Spuy on Oct 25, 2017 12:49:50 PM



Is thinking about Halloween with all the emphasis on sugar filled sweets and its effect on your children's teeth enough to give you the chills?

Go Trick or Treating after tea

Children are much less likely to overindulge if they already feel full, plus eating the meal stimulates essential saliva that will help lessen the effects of the sweets they do eat.

Help you children to make better choices-

Chocolate is a better treat than sweets as it melts quickly and doesn’t generally stick to teeth and washes away easily.

Choose sweets that can be eaten quickly and easily to limit the amount of time sugar is in contact with the teeth.

Limit consumption of sour sweets that may contain acids (such as citric acid) to intensify the sour flavour. These acids can contribute to dental erosionand cavities.

Drink water

Encourage your children to drink water after eating sweets to help wash away the residue

Brush and floss

Make sure your children brush and floss their teeth before going to bed.

In the end, it's the basics -- brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and getting regular dental checkups-- that have the most impact on a kid's smile.

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